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How we work with Shared Ownership providers

"Complete Moves is deelply commited to helping Shared Ownership providers look after their customers and their portfolio, with a track record of over 30 years, working with Registered Providers such as housing associations and local authorities".


We can optimise your customers’ selling experience at no cost to your organisation

We partner with Registered Providers to offer their Shared Ownership residents our expert resales service, helping to ensure homes are sold quickly and compliantly and that customer experience is optimised at every step of the way.


How can we support Registered Providers during the ‘nomination period’ to benefit you and your residents?

  • By using Complete Moves, Regsitered Providers can offer their shared owners a trustworthy, toptier service – built on best practice and decades of experience, at no cost to the business.
  • Sellers receive an expert, friendly Shared Ownership service and can be easily connected to other specialist partners, whether that’s for help with finding mortgage advice, solicitors or something else.
  • Complete Moves is part of a wider "Prop-Tech" group of companties. This means that we benefit from using the KPro dynamic marketing and sales CRM system. 
  • Our dedicated team of specialists will be on-hand to provide advice to providers and shared owners alike across a range of leasehold and procedural queries.


What is the resale ‘nomination period’ and how does it work?


When a Shared Ownership homeowner gives notice to their housing provider that they wish to sell their home, there’s usually a ‘nomination period’ outlined in the lease giving the provider a defined period of time – typically 4 or 8 weeks – to find a new Shared Ownership buyer. Providers can allow residents to find their own buyer but this can often mean that customers go on to deal with estate agents that simply don’t understand Shared Ownership. This can result in Shared Ownership customers – sellers and buyers alike – having a negative experience, as well as drawn out transaction times and the risk of sales not complying with Homes England’s requirements. 


In addition, this approach can result in homes being sold on the open market, meaning Provider’s Shared Ownership stock diminishes with less homes being kept in the Shared Ownership eco-system for those who need affordable home ownership most.

What does the Complete Moves service look like for Shared Ownership providers?


Registered Providers that choose to have Complete Moves as their Shared Ownership resales referral partner will have a single point of contact that can be on hand to update the company on the status of their customer’s sales – this can include regular meetings in person and online, as well as reporting.


We use the latest Prop-Tech to ensure sales run smoothly and reports are tailored to your needs. 

We will provide a clear process for referrals, along with marketing assets to ensure your customers start their shared ownership resales journey in the best possible way, with all the information they need.


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